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All violins

WP43 - A Stradivarius copy violin

A Stradivarius copy.


WP44 - An Amati Copy.

An Amati copy violin.


WP46 - A fine quality violin by Albert Claudot

Violin by Abert Claudot


WP47 - A Mirecourt Pressenda violin

A Mirecourt violin.


WP48 - Emile Germain

Emile Germain.


WP51 - French Strad Copy.

A French Strad. copy.


WP52 - Collin-Mezin atelier Santorino model.

A Collin-Mezin workshop fiddle.


WP53 - Violin by Lucien Schmitt, dated 1925

A Fine violin by Lucien Schmitt.


WP54 - A Breton violin

A Breton violin.


WP55 - Nicolas Aldric Violin

The label is inscribed: Rue de la Gare, No. 71, Nicolas Aldric, Père, Luthier a Nantes, an 1929 A  …


WP56 - A Clotelle Violin

H.Clotelle worked for the Laberte-Humbert workshops at Mirecourt from 1891. The Laberte-Humbert and M…