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All violins

WP01 - Nicolas Claude Mirecourt violin

A Mirecourt violin with character!


WP03 - Nicolas Bertholini violin, circa 1925.

These are good value Mirecourt violins.


WP04 - Laberte workshops D.Soriot.

A nice quality violin.


WP05 - Gustave Villaume, dated 1938.

A violin with a beautiful sound.


WP06 - Laberte-Humbert freres.

A rich sonorous Amati shape.


WP07 - Strad copy, 1930s

A good value Strad. copy.


WP08 - Marquis de Lair violin

A good balanced tone.


WP09 - Nestor Dominique Audinot

Nestor Dominique Audinot dated 1883.


WP11 - A Strad. copy, circa 1930

A quality Strad copy.


WP12 - Ch.J.B.Collin-Mezin violin

Fine quality violin by Ch.J.B.Collin-Mezin.


WP14 - Atelier J.Lavest, circa 1928

A lovely J.Lavest atelier violin.


WP15 - Albert Deblaye, dated 1925

Albert Deblaye was a very good maker.