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In the fine quality range we have a superb violin by Emile Germain,  made in Paris in 1906. A beautiful Silvestre & Maucotel, also made in Paris in 1910 then there is a fine Joseph Vautrin, an Albert Claudot, a Jules Remy and a very nice Dieudonne atelier.

Lots of violins in the lower and mid price ranges, a Geronimo Grandini, a Blondelet, a Jean Larcher, a Laberte Clotelle, a Masspacher and numerous others in the lower price range.

Lots of new bows.

A very broad range from £250 - £10,000.

Three bows by Ouchard Père, two of which are in collaboration with his son Emile Auguste, the third made for Coné et Fils. Two bows by Pierre Maline, a fine Marcel Lapierre, a Claude Thomassin collaboration, two more Charles Nicolas Bazin, a Joseph Lamy nephew and many others. It will be a few weeks before they are onsite, please ask if a particular violin or bow is of interest.

Brian & Felicity.