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Lots of violins in the lower price range, Nicolas Aldric, Amati copies, Strad copies, Bertholini, Clotelle and Couturieux. We have also aquired some nice mid range instruments such as Collin-Mezin, Dieudonne atelier, Sarasate and a very nice Viotti violin.

In the fine quality range we have an excellent violin by Amédée Dieudonne signed and dated and with the original certificate of guarantee. A superb violin by Paul Blanchard and our star attraction a really beautiful and almost mint Nestor Audinot.

Lots of new bows.

A very broad range from £250 - £10,000.

J.T.L to Eugène Cuniot, C.N.Bazin, L.Morizot frères, Louis Morizot Père, lots of Louis Bazin, a couple of François Lotte and a fabulous Joseph Alfred Lamy Père. It will be a few weeks before they are onsite, please ask if a particular violin or bow is of interest.

Brian & Felicity.