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Just arrived in December 2018.


In the fine quality range we have a superb violin by Emile Laurent,  made in Bordeaux in 1925. A fine violin by Adolphe Dupary, made in 1890 when he was working in the Darte atelier. René Jacquemin atelier, made around 1933.  A near mint violin by Charles Bailly, circa 1941 and a very nice Albert Deblaye, 1920. Lots of lower price range violins as well. 

Lots of new bows.

A very broad range from £250 - £10,000.

Many fine bows by Charles Nicolas Bazin, several silver mounted, a lovely bow from the Joseph Vigneron atelier. A fine Thomassin, lots of Morizot Père and Morizot Frères. Two François Lotte, more Ouchard and lots in the lower price ranges.

Brian & Felicity.