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All violins

WP14 - Pailliot Violin, 1830

A Pailliot violin.


WP16 - Violin with Lions Head Scroll, circa 1880.

A Lions Head scroll violin.


WP17 - A Charles Resuche Violin

A fine violin by Charles Resuche.


WP18 - A Viotti Violin

A Viotti violin.


WP19 - Geronimo Grandini Senior

Geronimo Grandini Senior


WP20 - M Couturieux

A nice M.Couturieux violin.


WP21 - Marius Didier Violin

A Marius Didier violin.


WP22 - A Laberte Barbé violin

A Marc Laberte Barbé violin.


WP23 - Albert Deblaye

Albert Deblaye violin.


WP24 - Jules Lavest violin.

Jules Lavest Atelier.


WP25 - H. Denis Violin

An H.Denis violin.


WP26 - An Amédée Dieudonné violin

Amédée Dieudonné violin.