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All violins

WP16 - Arthur Parisot Violin.

An Arthur Parisot violin.


WP17 - Superb violin by Albert Caressa

A beautiful Albert Caressa violin.


WP18 - A Viotti Violin.

A Viotti violin.


WP19 - A Quality Mirecourt violin

A fine quality unlabelled Mirecourt violin, circa 1920.


WP20 - Amédée Dieudonne

Amédée Dieudonne dated 1949.


WP21 - Marc Laberte Violin.

A Marc Laberte violin.


WP22 - violin by Augustin Chappuy

A very old 7/8 size violin.


WP24 - Paul Beuscher violin

A good intermediate violin.

£1,150.00 £995.00

WP25 - Fine quality violin by Louis Courtier

A lovely violin by Louis Courtier.


WP27 - Violin by Paul Blanchard

Paul Blanchard 1891.


WP29 - A fine instrument by Caressa & Français

What a beautiful violin.


WP31 - A violin from the Paul Jombar atelier.

A fine violin by Paul Jombar.