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Brian is very patient to help me to choose a violin bow.
He has tried the bows himself and provide his comments for me.
He also very welcomed to exchange another bow as I don't feel the first bow suitable for me.
And finally i got a great bow, Thanks Brian.

Added: April 10, 2019

I have just bought a Charles Nicolas Bazin bow from West Country Violins. The email discussion with Brian before the purchase was quite lengthy but Brian was patient, helpful and highly professional. I was wary of buying something so expensive without seeing it, but the bow arrived superbly packaged and exactly as described. It's a great bow and I am delighted with it.
I thoroughly recommend West Country Violins.

Added: February 6, 2019

It's a pleasure working with Brian to select a bow that I really like. Brian helps to shortlist, recommend and try these contestants out for me and tells me his opinion.

Though it didnt work out during my 1st attempt, i managed to find a good french bow that I like. Thanks Brian and Felicty for your prompt reply and shipment. I got my bow by the 4th day after the bow has been shipped out.


Added: November 12, 2018

Really enjoyed the process of buying a violin from WCV. Brian and Felicity extremely helpful and patient. Fine selection of instruments, all well described but not easy to pick the one which would be best for me. In the end I arranged a trip to Devon to try some of them. Pleased I did. Played some lovely violins but came away with a pearl.

Added: October 22, 2018

Thanks Brian for the professional advice.
The violin I order just extactly as described on the website. Very nice quality. certainly will order any one soon

Added: October 16, 2018

I bought a French violin online from Brian. I was looking to buy either a French violin or German violin but Brian’s selection of lovely French violins convinced me to get a French violin. The violin description on the website is accurate, it has a sweet and mellow sound as described. It is easy to play and has the characteristic French violin sound.

The buying experience is very good. Brian is very patient and prompt in answering my queries, even over the weekend. When I remarked on some patches of varnish blemishes, he volunteered and took extra effort to improve on the varnish.

The violin was securely packed and arrived in 4 days. It comes with a new Despiau bridge, tailpiece, pegs, chinrest and soundpost. The bridge and sound post are intact. These parts are nicely setup and the violin is ready to play out of the box.

The violins in Brian collection have been carefully selected. Like all good things, you need to be quick to get the best deal because I noticed that many good buys were gone. You can have confidence in buying from Brian.

Added: March 2, 2018

We were shopping for a good quality bow for my son and were referred to WCV and we found Brian and Felicity going out of their way to help us choose the right bow that my son loves to play with now! Thanks Brian & Felicity for your patience. We hope to enjoy this bow for a long time!

Added: February 27, 2018

I have just purchased an old French violin from west country violins
I was very pleased with the whole deal and the kind manor I received from Brian and Felicity
And I would recommend these people to anyone looking for a good Inst. Garry Hughes

Added: February 4, 2018

Delighted with my Mirecourt violin. A personalised, unhurried approach to choosing an instrument - and a good selection within my price range (c£1,500). I have made enquiries of other violin dealers locally - their prices for an 'ordinary' Mirecourt violin start at about £2,000 which I think is excessive. Brian also kindly agreed 14-day return if I found anything amiss. All in all an enjoyable experience and not too painful financially.

Added: February 4, 2018

Buying a bow online from West country violins was such a smooth and enjoyable experience.
The customer service is excellent. Both Brian and Felicity kept me updated and offered sound, honest advice.
The description of the bow was very accurate both in condition and playing characteristics. Delivery was fast with the bow arriving securely packaged.
This is great peace of mind for those of you considering buying an instrument online.
I highly recommend west country violins. I’m already eyeing up my next purchase!
Happy 20th Anniversary to West Country Violins, please keep those bargain bows (and violins) coming in ! Thank you.

Added: September 11, 2017
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