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Sold Violins And Bows

George Apparut - A lovely violin from one of the most sought after makers of the period. In near mint condition, just very minor marks. Made in the style of Guarneri as with most of the Georges Apparut violins, dated 1928 and numbered 169. This is a delightful violin, one of his best examples. The back length is: 14 inches (356mm). Set up with fine quality rosewood fittings including the original pegs.




Charles Louis Bazin - An excellent nickel mounted pernambuco bow by Charles Louis Bazin stamped A.DEBLAYE, In good clean condition with a straight pernambuco stick of a chestnut colour, just minor blemishes. Made around 1920. 




Jules Remy - A very good early violin made by Jules Remy around 1870 to 1875. Similar in looks to the instruments by Guersan that have the Italian influence in outline and varnish. This example is in very good condition, no damage or repairs, just minor marks. The slab cut one piece back is beautiful and has real character and patina.




Morizot/Lotte - An interesting pernambuco nickel mounted bow by two well known French makers, the stick is by Morizot and the Frog and button by F.Lotte, even stranger is that the stick is signed François Lotte! The explanation is probably just that the frog was damaged or missing so an alternative frog was fitted and the stick signed to match!




Beuscher - Paul Beuscher was a maker who also ran a violin shop in Paris, many of the instruments sold through his shop were labelled as his but often made for him by other makers. This fine example is in excellent condition without damage or repairs apart from one ancient minor saddle crack re-glued many years ago,other than this just small imperfections to the varnish. The length of the back is 14.3/16 inches (36 cm.) Set up with ebony pegs, tailpiece and chinrest, Dominant strings and supplied in a new lightweight case.




Ouchard - A fine bow by Emile François Ouchard faintly stamped Silvestre & Maucotel, for who the bow was made. The bow has an octagonal pernambuco stick and a silver mounted frog. Please Note! the frog is not original to the stick but it is from the same period, it is a good fit and is completely in keeping with the Ouchard work, hence the very low price. Circa 1930. A fine bow.




Silvestre & Maucotel - Superb violins made by Hippolyte Chrétien Silvestre and Ernest Maucotel, they became associated around 1901 and between them produced some really fine workmanship. This example of their work is based on the Guarneri model, the condition is excellent, there are some small insignificant blemishes but they do not detract from what is a beautiful instrument with a fine patina and pleasing outline. The back is two piece, length: 13.13/16 inches (35 cm) with this back length which is between full size and 7/8 size it is an ideal "ladies" violin, as you can see from the photos it has a strong flame to the maple, the front is very straight grained spruce and the violin is finished in a beautiful rich lustrous warm brown oil varnish. 




Louis Joseph Morizot (Morizot Père) - A silver mounted pernambuco bow by Louis Joseph Morizot (Morizot Père) stamped P.Hel A Lille for who it was made. In very good condition with just one blemish which is a small amount of wear just on the top of the tip but this is cosmetic rather than structural. With a very strong stick of mid brown colour. Just rehaired. Circa 1930.




Delanoy - A very fine French violin by Alexandre Delanoy made around 1914. Alexandre Delanoy was a master luthier who worked for several years with J.B. Vuillaume in Paris and later established his own atelier in Bordeaux. He won a gold medal in the Bordeaux Exhibition. Alexandre's last name is sometimes spelt Delannoy which was the spelling of his ancestors. This lovely example of his work is without damage or repairs but with lots of varnish wear which gives a real feeling of age and character to this splendid violin! The back is one piece, length is 14.1/16 inches (35.6 cm.) Set up with rosewood and ebony fittings, Obligato strings and supplied in a new light weight case. This violin has a real classic sound with good projection and volume. 




Louis Bazin - A good French bow by Louis Bazin made for and faintly stamped Granier Marseille.With a pernambuco stick and silver mounts, in good condition with just minor blemishes, mainly to the edges of the frog.  Circa 1930.




Viotti - This is an unusual violin, made very much in the Italian style, these have become quite rare and only appear occasionally. This violin is in excellent condition apart from very minor varnish imperfections. Set up with rosewood fittings, dominant strings and supplied in a new lightweight case. The back length is: 14.1/8 (35.9cm.). Good in voice with a well balanced resonant tone.




Louis Morizot - A superb original bow by Louis Morizot Frères stamped L.Morizot. With a fine pernambuco stick, nickel mounted, with good spring and balance and with the original leather and lapping, in near perfect condition. Made around 1960.




Blanchard - A superb violin from an important maker! The condition is good but there are some marks to the varnish, the edges and a small rib repair to the right hand C bout so not perfect but considering this violin is 126 years old it is pretty good! Paul Blanchard was one of the finest French makers, we are privileged to have one of his instruments. He was born in Mirecourt in 1851 and studied under Auguste Darte who taught him the Vuillaume principles, he also worked with Silvestre in Lyon. This is one of his earlier examples which was his best work. The back is two piece, length: 14.1/16 inches (35.7 cm) with a nice strong flame to the maple, the front is very straight grained spruce and the violin is finished in the Blanchard rich red oil varnish. The fittings are in rosewood and a new set of Obligato strings have been fitted. Supplied in a new lightweight case. A lovely instrument to play, it has a beautiful rich, smooth haunting tone. 




Louis Morizot - A superb original bow by Louis Morizot Frères stamped L.Morizot. With a fine pernambuco stick, nickel mounted, with good spring and balance and with the original leather and lapping, in near perfect condition. Made around 1960.




Joseph Vautrin - A fine quality instrument with a tone to match. Joseph Vautrin was born at Mirecourt 1875, apprenticed to Chipot-Vuillaume and then became principal maker in the atelier of Emile Germain, established own premises at Mirecourt 1898, thence to Chaumont 1900 to 1926 after which he moved to Paris but continued to use the Chaumont label, finally died 1947. This is an excellent example of his work, in good sound condition, apart from some small splits around the left F hole, they are ancient repairs that have been cleated on the inside and they do not affect the tone or playability in any way. The beautifully figured two piece back measures: 14 inches (35.6cm.) a perfect size! 




Louis Bazin workshop - A good quality nickel mounted pernambuco bow from the Louis Bazin atelier. Condition is sharp and clean, just minor imperfections. A bow with some character, the grain darkens towards the tip which makes it a little more unusual. The bow still retains the original lapping, just rehaired, made around 1940.




Paul Victor Lorange - A fine quality violin by an accomplished maker who's instruments are quite hard to find. Paul Victor Lorange was born at Lyon in 1873 and was a pupil of Mangenot then Pierre Gautier and Paul Blanchard. He set up his own workshop in 1899. This is a beautiful example of his work, he often used highly figured maple for the backs and almost always the rich burgundy colour oil varnish, this same varnish was used by his son also called Paul who was born in 1902. The back length is: 14.1/8 inches long (35.8 cm.) The violin is set up with rosewood fittings. Condition is excellent, no damage but there are some varnish dings and imperfections. Fitted with Dominant strings and supplied in a new lightweight case. A violin with a fine rich and powerful tone from a great luthier.




Célestin Emile Clasquin - A beautiful silver mounted bow by Célestin Emile Clasquin made for and signed René Bernardel à Paris. In superb condition with just the smallest of blemishes, with a fine pernambuco stick of a rich conker colour with good patina and with silver mounts. A lovely bow that is a pleasure to use. A perfect weight and with good balance and a really strong stick that draws a rich strong tone. Célestin Emile Clasquin was born in 1875 and studied under C.N.Bazin. Circa 1925.




Breton - A good quality well made Mirecourt Breton violin, the quality and wood chosen for these instruments does vary quite a lot, they were produced by several of the Mirecourt ateliers. This is a really nice example, made with good attention to detail and quite fine plates. The back measurement is: 14.1/8 (359 mm.) setup with fine quality rosewood fittings, Pro-Arte strings and supplied in a new case. A violin with a good sound, quite a smooth treble and good bass depth.




C.N.Bazin - A fine nickel mounted bow by Charles Nicolas Bazin stamped Tourte. In near mint condition, original lapping and a lovely rich chestnut patina. A bow of exceptional quality and original in all it's parts, made around 1900. 




Réne Jacquemin - A violin by A highly respected maker. Noted for his excellent workmanship and quality of sound. This example of this luthiers work is in good sound condition but with some repairs.




A quality copy of a Bernard Millant bow. With a fine silver mounted pernambuco stick of a rich dark honey colour, the frog is inlaid with an abalone Fleur de Lys and also the eight facets of the button are inlaid. The bow is stamped Bernard Millant Paris. Made around 1980. 

Larcher - A good quality violin by Jean Larcher, he was  born in 1901, he studied under Collin Mezin and then set up his own workshops in Mirecourt. His violins are always based on the classical models with personal arching. This example of his work is labelled, numbered  and dated. The condition is very good, just minor varnish marks. Note the black lining to the bevels of the scroll and corners, this is typical of many Mirecourt violins of this period. The back length is 14.1/8 inches (359 mm) Set up with rosewood fittings, Dominant strings and supplied in a new lightweight case. 




François Lotte - An excellent very clean nickel mounted pernambuco bow by and stamped François Lotte. In really nice almost unblemished condition, made in 1940. The stick has good balance and density and is finished in a chestnut brown patina. 

Aldric - A  Nicolas Aldric violin, these instruments were made by a luthier in Nantes, many of these violins were sold through Beare and son, London around 1925. The condition of this example is good and without repairs although there are varnish marks and some scratches. The back length is 14.1/8 inches (35.9 cm.), Set up with rosewood fittings. New Pro-Arte strings and supplied in a new case. 




A bow by Prosper Colas stamped P.C., with a bois d'abeille stick and nickel mounts, good condition. just rehaired. Made around 1900.

Deblaye - A fine quality instrument by Albert Deblaye. Many of his violins were made by hand by his assistants and then finished off by "the master", however this example is entirely made by Albert Deblaye. The back measures: 14 inches (35.6cm.). In near mint condition, there are no repairs or signs of damage, just the smallest of varnish marks. Set up with fine quality rosewood fittings. Finished in an red/brown varnish with a good patina. With the lovely "Deblaye" sound, sweet and sonorous with good balance and ample volume.




A fine quality bow by Charles Alfred Bazin stamped C Bazin. Son of Louis Bazin, this example was made around 1960, it is nickel mounted and has a strong pernambuco stick and the original lapping and leather. In near perfect condition, lovely to play with and with excellent balance.

Audinot - A superb violin by Nestor Dominique Audinot, son of Leopold. Nestor was born in 1842, he worked with Sebastian Vuillaume in Paris from 1863 to 1868 and succeeded to the business in 1875. His violins were mainly based on the Guarneri model and all show fine attention to detail and exquisite craftmanship. This example is in almost mint condition which is quite remarkable considering the age of the violin. The back is two piece of strong diagonal flame, the length is 14 inches (355 mm.) Set up with fine quality ebony fittings, Obligato strings and supplied in a new case. The violin has a beautiful rich lyrical tone with a real touch of class.