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Lower price violins

WP03 - Nicolas Bertholini violin, circa 1925.

These are good value Mirecourt violins.


WP06 - Pajot Jeune violin

A Pajot Jeune violin.


WP07 - Guadagnini copy violin

A Gaudagnini violin.


WP11 - H. Denis Mirecourt violin

H.Denis, Mirecourt.


WP15 - A Strad Copy Violin

A Strad copy violin.


WP16 - Violin with Lions Head Scroll, circa 1880.

A Lions Head scroll violin.


WP18 - A Viotti Violin

A Viotti violin.


WP20 - M Couturieux

A nice M.Couturieux violin.


WP25 - H. Denis Violin

An H.Denis violin.


WP29 - Henri Tournier Atelier

Tournier atelier.


WP30 - Nicolas Bertholini

Nicolas Bertholini violin.


WP32 - Laberte Strad Copy

Laberte Strad Copy.