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WP44 - Charles Drouin


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Product CodeWP44
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Supplied with a certificate of provenance by
Jean Jacques Rampal 
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris. 

Charles Drouin was a luthier in Mirecourt from 1872 until he died in 1931. He made several models, the neat Panoramo being his most successful. He sold many of his instruments unlabelled to several other makers and dealers who would in turn apply their own label, this is the case with this example which carries the label and brand of Gabriel Magnière, a luthier also working in Mirecourt during the same period. This nice tubby violin is well crafted, nice flairing to the F holes and an excellent scroll. With a back length of 357 mm. Larsen Virtuoso strings and supplied in a new lightweight case. Made in 1884. This violin has a lovely full rich sound and is a pleasure to play. A very good violin!

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