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WP48 - Emile Germain


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Product CodeWP48
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This instrument has a certificate of provenance from
Jean Jacques Rampal 
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris.

A beautiful Paris made violin by Emile Germain. Born in 1853 he learned his trade under several of the Mirecourt masters from the early age of 12 years, he took over his fathers business in 1870, worked with Dehommais until 1882 but then worked alone until his death in 1933, he won several medals and diplomas for his work. His instruments show skilled craftmanship, attention to detail and produce a lovely golden tone. This example of his work is in fine condition, without repairs, just very minor imperfections and a scratch to the front caused by the fine adjuster, the violin was made in 1906. The violin is set up with rosewood fittings, Obligato strings and supplied in a new lightweight case. The back length is 14 inches, 355 mm. With a lovely sonorous golden tone, well balanced across the range and good projection. A lovely violin highly recommended!