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Welcome to West Country Violins

We have been selling violins and bows on the internet for twenty years!

We believe that we were the first violin shop to sell violins and bows on the internet and we are still one of the leading internet based violin shops, with a proud reputation for quality, honesty and competitive pricing.

We send violins and bows to countries throughout the world and we specialise in French luthiers and archetiers from the 19th and earlier 20th century. We also have some German violins and bows on sale. We do not sell new instruments or bows.

On some parts of our site, you will see the word fiddle or fiddles as well as violins - that’s just because in some parts of the world they use the term fiddle more commonly than violin. They are the same instrument! Luckily there seems to be only one word for violin bow.

Our violins and bows are grouped in three price ranges: lower price, mid-price and fine quality, all of which can be accessed by clicking the links in the top left category panel. You can also access all the violins or fiddles or all the bows in one list.

Each bow has four zoom enabled photos, full details of weight, age, length and condition and also the balance point for our more expensive bows.
Each violin or fiddle has six zoom enabled photographs, description and a sound clip. For our more expensive violins, a second sound clip is usually available on request.

We are pleased to offer a discount to returning customers.

You may like to look at our information pages in the "more on violins and bows" panel which will give you access to many of the pages about violin making history, luthier and archetier family profiles and information on violin care as well as in depth string profiles.