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WP109 - Silver Mars Auguste Husson


Product CodeWP109
Weight and Total Length Weight 56.7 grams, Length 74.2 cm.

Sold with a certificate by:
Jean-François Raffin.
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris.

Balance point from tip of winder - 262 mm.

Mars Auguste Husson was a master bow maker whos work is very similar to that of André Vigneron under whom he studied as well as with C.N.Bazin. He was born on March 1st. 1870 and there is speculation that this is why he was given the first name Mars, however he only ever used his middle name Auguste. This example of his work is a fine bow with a strong octagonal pernambuco stick with silver mounts. It is stamped below the frog A Husson - Paris. The bow was made around 1930 towards the end of his life. A lovely rare bow for player and collector!