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WP35 - Jules Lavest atelier


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Product CodeWP35
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A photo of the label:

Supplied with a certificate of provenance by
Jean Jacques Rampal 
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris. 

A quality instrument from the atelier of Jules Lavest, he was a very good luthier who worked in the town of Montluçon, Allier, France from 1928. The instrument is a Stradivarius copy, it is well made and finished. In lovely condition without repairs, just very minor varnish marks. Note the splendid strong flame to the back, ribs and scroll and the lovely plum colour varnish! The violin has a Strad label on the bass side  and the JL atelier label on the treble side. The back measures 356 mm. Set up with fine quality rosewood fittings, Dominant strings and supplied in a new lightweight case. A beautiful sonorous toned violin that is lovely to play and with a sweet treble and warm bass, made circa 1935. A good violin for collector and player!

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