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WP82 - Silver Louis Piernot


Product CodeWP82
Weight and Total Length Weight 58.3 grams, Length 74.5 cm.

Sold with a certificate by:
Jean-François Raffin.
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris.

Balance point from tip of winder - 259 mm.

Marie-Louis Piernot was born in 1880. He served his apprenticeship in the Mirecourt workshop of Charles Nicolas Bazin, working there from 1892 until 1900. He then moved to Paris and worked for Joseph Arthur Vigneron and then for Léon  Bernadel. In 1923 he set up his own atelier at 13 Rue de la Libertè in Paris. He supplied bows to many of the great violin makers of the period. This example carries a René Bernardel A Paris stamp for whom this bow was made. The name of Piernot has recently started to become very well know and consequently the prices for his bows are rising rapidly. This example was made circa 1925. The condition is near perfect, just the smallest of blemishes, with a fine dark chocolate silver mounted pernambuco stick of very good strength, this bow grips the string exceedingly well and pulls out a rich warm sound with plenty of carrying power. A fine bow, recommended!