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WP33 - Albert Claudot


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Product CodeWP33
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A somewhat scruffy violin by Albert Claudot made in 1937 and numbered 34. The name Claudot was synonomous with violin making, they were a large family all working in Mirecourt from 1750 to around 1937. One member even moved to Glasgow! Albert was one of the best, he studied under his uncle at Dijon in 1920 and then set up his own atelier. This example of his work is without repairs or damage but quite a lot of dings and scratches to the varnish. The back measurement is: 354 mm. Set up with Larsen Resonance strings new ebony fittings and supplied in a new case. This violin plays well, it has a balanced tone, it responds well and has plenty of volume. Fine workmanship at a very low price!