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Corelli Alliance 

Made in France by Savarez, producer of high-quality strings for tennis rackets, Corelli Alliance strings use a Kevlar core rather than perlon. The sound is fairly warm and dark. These strings have a small but devoted following.

Corelli Crystal 

Corelli Crystal strings have a tone that is warm and dark, with a fair amount of edge that keeps them from sounding too dull. When you take them out of the package, you will find them very stiff compared to other strings. They also feel thick under the finger, although they really are not any thicker than other strings.


Although Dogal has been making strings in Venice, Italy, for more than 50 years, they are not particularly well known. Dogal Synthetic Gut strings are rather dull-sounding, with a sluggish response. After two days, they seemed to perk up. I would characterize the sound as slightly dark, with slower than average response.


Pro Arte strings offer a sound that is fairly dark and smooth, making them a useful choice for most instruments, they last well and are not expensive. Zyex strings have a bright, focused quality and must be played for a few days before they reach optimum sound.


Larsen has been making excellent cello strings for several years. When the company's violin strings came on the market, five or six years ago they were very impressive. They are powerful and brilliant but with great quality.

John Pearse

John Pearse Artiste strings have been around for several years. They have a clear, focused sound; the exception is the D string, which is a bit darker than the others. They might work well for instruments needing extra clarity and focus.