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WP49 - Adolphe Dupary


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Product CodeWP49
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Supplied with a certificate of provenance by
Jean-Yves Rouveye
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Lyon.

Issued Dec.2018.

A fine instrument made by Adolphe Dupary who was working in Paris from 1906, before that time he studied under Auguste Darte and worked for some time as an assistant of Paul Bailly another fine maker of the period. His violins have good workmanship, this example is a Guarnerius model finished in a red/brown oil varnish over a golden ground coat, dated 1914. The condition of this violin is very good, just some varnish imperfections. The back length is: 356 mm. The fittings are in ebony with the original dark rosewood pegs, a new set of Obligato strings and supplied in a new lightweight case. A lovely instrument to play with a rich classy tone with balance, clarity and plenty of volume. A good players instrument!