West Country Violins and Fiddles Online Shop

Our violin shop sells fine quality French violins, fiddles and French violin bows at trade prices including many student and intermediate instruments in the lower price ranges. We specialise in helping our customers select their fine quality French violin or fiddle from the many well known luthiers working from 1800 to 1947.

Each violin and fiddle is illustrated with ten superb photographs and has a sound clip. Each bow is illustrated with five photos and has full details of weight, age, balance, length and condition.

Violin and Bow Restoration

All violins are professionally restored and set up and are supplied with a new lightweight case. They are always fitted with new strings and where necessary, new pegs and tailpieces. I use only the very best quality fittings in Indian ebony, rosewood and boxwood. Strings are selected according to the qualities of the individual instrument: we use Pro-Arte, Dominant, Obligato, Evah Pirazzi, Larsen and others.

All of our violin bows pass through our workshops and are carefully checked, re-haired and restored where necessary. Their provenance is ascertained before being photographed and listed on our web pages.

We ship worldwide via a trackable service. We are experts in violin and bow packing and include full insurance cover. Delivery is 24 to 48 hours in the UK, 3-8 working days for the rest of the world.

For more information about individual luthiers, please visit our “violin makers” information pages.

  • Louis Cherpitel violin
  • Mirecourt fiddle
  • Albin Schneider
  • Paul Jombar
  • Gustave Villaume violin
  • Labert-Humbert
  • Honoré Derazey violin
  • Collin-Mezin
  • Jenny Bailly
  • J. Leclerc
  • Breton fiddle
  • Chipot-Vuillaume
  • René Morizot
  • Bernardel W/shop
  • Raymond Collenot violin
  • Emile Rameau
  • Louis Courtier
  • Emile Mennesson violin
  • Louis Fricot 7/8 fiddle
  • Paul Lorange
  • Joseph Aubry
  • Paul Mougenot
  • Collin-Mezin
  • Blanchard W/shop
  • Paul Hilaire violin
  • Olivier Marissal
  • Paul Kaul
  • Silvestre & Maucotel
  • Strad copy
  • Paul Bisch
  • Gustave Villaume
  • Mirecourt fiddle
  • Amédèe Dieudonne
  • August Delivet
  • Pressenda copy
  • Boulangeot W/shop fiddle
  • Blondelet
  • Célèbre Vosgien
  • Breton fiddle
  • Victor Quesnoil
  • Schweitzer fiddle
  • Nicolas Remy
  • J.T.L. fiddle
  • Emile Mennesson violin
  • Georges Apparut

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