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fine quality bows

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WP51 - A fine French bow by Louis Bazin.
French 61.4 grams
Price: 1650.00

WP52 - A fine quality bow by Cuniot-Hury.
French 55 grams
Price: 1750.00

WP55 - A fine quality bow by Charles Alfred Bazin.
French 60.3 grams
Price: 1950.00

WP57 - A C.N.Bazin/Victor Fetique bow.

This item has been sold or is reserved

WP58 - A fine silver bow by Emile Ouchard Pere.
French 61 grams
Price: 7350.00

WP61 - A near mint silver mounted bow by made by Marc Laberte.
French 64.1 grams
Price: 2450.00

WP67 - A superb silver mounted bow by Hippolyte Camille Lamy.
French 56.1 grams
Price: 4950.00

WP73 - A beautiful almost mint condition bow by Marcel Lapierre.

This item has been sold or is reserved

WP75 - A fine quality bow by Charles Nicolas Bazin.
French 57.7 grams
Price: 2650.00

WP79 - A splendid bow made by Emile Ouchard for Nicolas Lemaire.
French 54.3 grams
Price: 3750.00

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