William Henley's Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers
states the following about the maker.
PAUL JEAN CHIPOT. Born Mirecourt 1887.
Son of Chipot-Vuillaume. Worked at Vendome from 1923. Excellent replicas of old Italian and Tyrolese instruments. Finished in a lusterous oil varnish, used three different labels according to the model and year made.
A violin labelled Chipot - Vuillaume, circa 1920. £2,850.00 stock no. WP19
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The label is inscribed:
Gendre de J. B. Vuillaume

A well made Guarneri model with an excellent tone. Chipot-Vuillaume was a very good luthier and his instruments were very sought after during his life. He claimed to be the son in law of the famous J.B.Vuillaume but that was not the case, in fact he married the daughter of a Parisian cobbler who's name by coincidence happened to be J.B.Vuillaume. He died of dissolute habits in 1892. This instrument is an exact copy of one of his best examples. The condition is excellent, there are no repairs or damage just very minor varnish marks. The length of the two piece back is: 14.1/8 inches (35.7 cm.). Setup with boxwood fittings,Dominant strings, and the violin is supplied in a new lightweight case. A violin with a full sweet whimsical tone with a good deep bass sound. A lovely instrument, recommended! Comes with an insurance certificate dated 2006 for a value of £3,000, issued by Willibald M. Kreuzinger.

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