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We recognize that buying a violin over the internet is not the most usual way of purchasing an instrument but it is becoming a lot more common now than it was when we made our first internet sale back in 1997. Since that time, we have sold many, many hundreds of violins and violin bows to countries all over the world and built an international reputation for honesty and service.

We try very hard to give as full a description as possible of each violin and bow's physical condition and appearance and are very careful that our photographs accurately reflect the true feeling of the wood.

Sound is obviously the most major consideration. Every sound clip for our violins is played by the same violinist and always recorded using the same equipment in the same setting, in order to help you make the comparison between them as objectively as possible.

With older violins, we often find that they become even more satisfying after a few weeks of regular playing as the wood responds to the resonance. (We could get quite poetic here, but letís just say they get better and better the more you play them!)

When we pack our violins or bows for dispatch, we bring the same high standards of care to every part of the operation. Our violins have travelled across continents and time zones and still been in tune and ready to play when their new owner lifts them from the case. Every item we ship is fully insured during transit.


Our site is priced in GB pounds. If you wish to see the approximate price in another currency, please click on the spinning currency symbol.

Goods are charged at price shown on the product pages on the date the customer places the order. Prices are correct at time of publication. Errors and omissions are excepted. Orders will be processed at our published prices, otherwise, in the case of any unexpected change in price, you will be informed and asked if you wish to reconsider your order before proceeding.

A beautiful example of a bow by Alfred Lamy

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