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Web page is great because the photos and sound clip are as close as I can get to being there. Service was excellent, and the instrument arrived very quickly.

Added: October 25, 2001

Hi everyone. I bought a violin from Brian recently. Why? Because there were three reasons. One.The violins he has are not expensive. Two.Due to the ageing,they have a good sonority and plenty of volume Three.I could trust Brian 'cause he answered to my question immidiately and my violin was exactly what he said.

Added: October 12, 2001

I am thrilled with the violin I ordered from West Country Violins. Brian has recorded soundclips of many of the violins. I based my choice primarily on the tone. It so happened that this was one of the least expensive! My violin came in just three days from England and it was just as he described it. He said in the ad that he found it easy to play. I am amazed, because with this Saxony violin I am playing passages from Bach concertos that I could not play before - using the same bow! I have received prompt answers to all my questions. I am now ordering a bow from him, and next year I plan to order another violin. He will allow trade-ins if you are trading up to a more expensive instrument, but I don't think I will be able to give this one up. I'll just add to my collection! Please feel free to E-mail me, Laura Rice

Added: August 17, 2001

Brian is wonderful to buy from. His knowledge and honesty shine through in his business. I was a little hesitant about buying a violin over the internet but those fears were soon put to rest. Brian answered all questions promptly and honestly. My daughter was very pleased with the violin and bow when it arrived. The violin was well packed and in great shape when we got it. I will definitely recommend this site to other violinists. Thank-you Brian.

Added: June 21, 2001

I have found West Country Violins to be an absolute pleasure to do business with. Brian offers a selection of beautiful and fine instruments at great prices. The service is impeccable. The delivery is extremely rapid and convenient. As a professional violinist, I recommend WCV to anyone on the market for a good instrument. Dimitri Hadjipetkov Professor of Violin, New York University

Added: June 28, 2001

As a professional violinist, my time is limited. West Country Violins site is accurate, has lovely photos of the instruments from all angles desired, and the pricing reflects an honesty sadly lacking in much of the rest of the industry. Purchase is through a highly secure access, and I can only say it has been a pleasure doing business with them.

Added: June26, 2001

I bought two violins from Mr. Brian for my sons several months ago. My sons were very happy to get them. One month ago, one Reverend also hoped to buy a 3/4 size of violin for his son and I needed one more bow. So I informed Mr. Brian the price I hoped, he accepted that and he tried to find out them with the prices. Last week, he sent the violin and bow to us after traveling some areas in UK to find out the violin. The Rev. and I were satisfied to receive them. I thank Mr. Brian for his kindness and sincere.

Added: May 14, 2001

The violin and bows we purchased arrived yesterday at 16:30 hours, Thursday in the afternoon. It was so unexpected because I know that you dispatched all for shipping on Tuesday afternoon!! Extremely efficently, may I add, since I had just corresponded via e-mail with Brian that very morning to confirm our choice of bows. We had calculated that it would likely arrive this coming Monday or Tuesday. And here it is, from England to Hong Kong, in less than 48 hours!!! We are thrilled because it was perfectly packed and my son is playing as I write. We are enjoying the violin and the bows very much. It is a beautiful violin in great condition with a lovely sound. And of course our bows are splendid. Thank you for taking the time to play our selected bows in order to give us an honest and expert recommendation. My younger son is now very motivated in practising so he too can move up to a better violin. We will most certainly return to you for any purchases. Our 'doubting Thomas' violin teacher is coming next Tuesday to try our violin, but I have no doubt that he will be most impressed with the quality of our choice!! I will keep you updated. Thank you, Brian, for taking the time and making that special effort to ensure our total satisfaction. We were fortunate to find a great violin at the the best price and this was backed by consultative expertise(super service) from an honest, professional and expert violin dealer . You can be sure that Brian Ward-Smith and 'westcountryviolins.com' will be receiving the best advertisement from us: the word-of-mouth of happy clients!! We commend you, Brian, for superb efficiency, professionalism, expertise and customer service!! Sincerely, G. L. Lam

Added: May 5, 2001
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