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WP74 - A signed bow by François Lotte.


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Product Code WP74
Weight and Total Length Weight 61.5 grams, Length 74.6 cm.  

Sold with a certificate by:
Jean-François Raffin.
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris.

Balance point from tip of winder - 272 mm.

An excellent nickel mounted pernambuco bow by François Lotte and stamped L François à Nancy. Bows by François Lotte always have strong sticks made from choice dense pernambuco, they draw a rich full tone. This excellent bow was made around 1955. Please Note! the winder is not original to the bow but is from the same period. This bow has a great stick, nice and strong and with a good balance point. Just rehairedA great bow to play with and good value!