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WP64 - Fine quality violin by Emile Mennesson.


Product Code WP64
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The label is inscribed:

2, Rue Morel Paris 

Supplied with a certificate of provenance from
Jean Jacques Rampal 
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris.

A beautiful instrument by Emile Mennesson which was sold by Maurice Mermillot sometime in the 1880s, the violin carries the Mermillot label but was made by Emile Mennesson. He was a very acomplished maker and won many gold medals and diplomas for his faultless workmanship. The length of the one piece back is: 14.1/8 inches (35.8 cm.). The condition of this instrument is excellent, just a few minor varnish blemishes and wear. Set up with quality rosewood fittings, Evah Pirazzi strings, and the violin is supplied in a new case. This instrument has that smooth creamy rich tone that is typical of the early Mennessonviolins. A fine instrument, they are very collectable and becoming quite rare!