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WP58 - A Mirecourt F.Breton violin.


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Product Code WP58
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The violin is labelled:

F.Breton, breveté de S.M.G.
M. la Duchesse d'Angoulème
Mirecourt 1831 Breton

Also branded Breton on the button.

An excellent quality well made Mirecourt violin in excellent condition. Probably from the M.Laberte workshops who continued the Breton model after F.Breton. The only imperfections are a very small re-glued saddle crack and minor varnish dings. A two piece back measuring 14.1/16 (35.7 cm.) rosewood fittings, Pro-Arte strings and supplied in a new case. A violin with a full sonorous tone, sweet sounding and well balanced with lots of volume. A real pleasure to play!