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WP36 - Georges Apparut


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A superb Guarnerius style violin from one of the most sought after makers of the period, Georges Apparut. Numbered 412 and dated 1931, the label also mentions that the violin was exhibited in the Strasbourg exibition in 1932. The violin is also branded G.Apparut on the lower ribs below the tailpin. This example is in very good condition, just minor marks and a replacement piece of wood to the right C bout where there was wear from the bow frog touching the violin over many years. The violin is made from first class materials with much attention to detail, note the fine scroll, button and sound holes. The one piece back length is: 14.1/16 inches (356mm.). Set up with fine quality ebony fittings, the original rosewood pegs, Obligato strings and supplied in a new case. This is a nice violin to play with a lovely classy sound, very clear in the treble and with good response and volume. A fine instrument for player or collector!