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WP36 - A quality violin by Réne Jacquemin


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Product Code WP36
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Ex-Ouvrier des Luthiers du-Conservetoire De Paris 
70 Rue Chanzy -- MIRECOURT
anno 1946

A violin by A highly respected maker Réne Jacquemin Noted for his excellent workmanship and quality of sound. This example of this luthiers work is in good sound condition but with some repairs hence the extremely low price. There is a repaired crack to the right of the right hand F hole, see photos, there is also some varnish repair, mainly to the lower bout ribs and to a scratch across the lower back. The tone is rich and well balanced, as good as the last Jacquemin violin which I sold for £3,450. Length of the back is: 14 inches, (35.6 cm.) Setup with Dominant strings and supplied in a new case. A well made violin which has some non structural repairs but sounds lovely, is the perfect size and is extremely good value!