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WP31 - A violin from the Paul Jombar atelier.


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Product Code WP31
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The label is inscribed:

Fait sous la direction
de PAUL JOMBAR luthier 

27 Faub. Poissonniere, PARIS


Paul Jombar was born in Paris in 1868, he served his apprenticeship with Nestor Audinot with whom he worked from 1882 to 1886. He then worked for Gand & Bernardel Frères in Paris. In 1892 he established his own workshop in Paris and soon afterwards employed assistants who were making violins under his guidance. This lovely violin is a good example of one of the "atelier made" violins. It is beautifully made with close attention to detail and proportions. The two piece figured back is 14.1/8 inches, 358 mm. The condition is excellent, no repairs or damage just very minor varnish marks. Set up with ebony fittings, Dominant strings and supplied in a new lightweight case. This is a lovely violin that is a joy to play from a top atelier. Recommended!