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WP28 - Sarasate Artiste


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Sarasate Artiste violin from the J.Thibouville-Lamy workshops, dating from around 1920. Labelled as an Amati copy and stamped Sarasate on the button, (also Artiste) also stamped J.T.L. inside on the upper block, the silver tipped pegs are original. The violin also carries the J.T.L. Acoulon & Blondelet label on the treble side. No damage or repairs but the varnish as you can see looks like it has seen better days! The back measurement is:14.3/16 inches (36 cm.) Set up with Pro-Arte strings, ebony and rosewood fittings and supplied in a new case. A great tone, well balanced across the range and capable of a wide range of dynamics. Not a pretty violin but very nice to play. Make me an offer!