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WP25 - Fine quality violin by Louis Courtier


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Product Code WP25
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The label is inscribed:

No. 197 1938

The label has the L.Courtier facimile signature between the date and number
Also branded L.Courtier inside on the middle back

This instrument has a certificate from
Jean Jacques Rampal 
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris. 

These are beautiful instruments made by an accomplished craftsman Louis Courtier, He was originally a pupil of Joseph Aubry and it is interesting to note the influence of Aubry in the construction of the violin. There is no damage or repairs, just varnish wear which gives the violin character. The back length is: 14.1/16 inches (35.7 cm.) The violin still has the original rosewood pegs. Set up with Obligato strings and supplied in a new lightweight case. The violin has a lovely warm sonorous tone, good balance and a broad range of expression. Highly recommended and a pleasure to play!