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WP22 - violin by Augustin Chappuy


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Chappuy label

Nicolas Augustin Chappuy was born in 1730, he had a prolific output of instruments given his short life, he died in 1784 at the age of 54. His violins are a mix of French and Italian characteristics. Habeneck the famous violinist - conductor who first introduced the Beethoven symhonies to the Parisians played a Chappuy for the 37 years he was professor at the Conservatoire, the institution in which it is still on display today. For such an early instrument the condition is extremely good, There are minor repaired cracks to the front, one to the right of the saddle, another on the upper right bout near the edge and other very minor ones but none of them are of concern, no sound post or bass bar cracks. There has also been some repair to the lower left rib which has been reinforced on the inside but I would think it has been like it for at least 100 years! The back measurement is:13.7/16 inches (34.2 cm.) Set up with Dominant strings and supplied in a new case. The tone is lovely, sonorous and mellow and clear in the treble. Unusual, not expensive, very rare and sounds amazing!