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WP17 - Superb violin by Albert Caressa


Product Code WP17
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The label is inscribed:

Caressa label


Branded ALBERT CARESSA PARIS inside on both upper and lower bouts on the front and back.

Supplied with a certificate of provenance from
Jean Jacques Rampal 
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris. 

An opportunity to own a real piece of history! Albert Caressa was an important French luthier who worked for the Conservatoire de Musique in Paris. He also established his own now famous partnership with Henri Français in 1901. They succeeded the atelier of Gustave Bernardel which could be traced right back to Nicolas Lupot in 1796. This splendid example example of the master luthiers workmanship was commissioned specifically for the wonderful French composer and outstanding violinist  Eugène Bozza (1905-1991) when he was awarded the Premier Prix (first prize) for violin at the Conservatoire de Musiquein Paris, hence the dedication to the back of the instrument. The length of the two piece back is: 14 inches, (35.6 cm). The condition is outstanding, there are no repairs or damage and just the very smallest of varnish blemishes, the violin still retains the original pegs. It is finished in a lovely red/brown oil varnish over a golden ground coat. Set up with Obligato strings and supplied in a new case. A lovely instrument to pla,y with a rich haunting tone, good balance, clarity and plenty of volume. A very special violin for both collectors and players!