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WP08 - Marquis de Lair violin


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This is one of the early examples of these violins. They were produced by one of the Mirecourt workshops as copies of instruments by a much earlier maker, also they were made by the J.Thibouville-Lamy workshops of which this is an example made around the turn of the century. A good sound instrument but there is one repaired crack on the lower right hand side, it runs from the bottom of the right F hole down to the edge. It is almost invisible and has been cleated on the inside, hence the low price of this instrument. Other than this repair there are just minor imperfections and some craquelling to the varnish, mainly around the bottom rib. The violin has the Marquis de Lair brand below the button on the back. Note the typical "antiquing" around the F holes which is a feature of this model. The back length is 14.3/16 inches (35.9 cm.). Set up with Pro-Arte strings and supplied in a new light weight case. A violin with a rich tone of good depth and clear treble sound. Well made and a pleasure to play!