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WP01 - Amédée Dieudonné 1932


Product CodeWP01
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A photo of the label:

Supplied with a certificate of provenance by
Jean Jacques Rampal 
Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris. 

A fine quality violin by Amédée Dieudonne In almost mint condition with just the smallest of varnish marks. Amédée Dieudonne is a highly sought after maker, this is a beautiful example of his work which will only increase in value. Please note! this violin was made around 1930 but dated 1932 when it was sold by Charles Enel whos label it carries. Well made with good attention to detail, note the quality of the carving to the sound holes, button and scroll. The back length is 356 mm. The fittings are in fine quality rosewood, set up with Obligato strings and supplied in a new light weight case. This instrument has a vibrant balanced tone, classy and with a lovely clarity and warmth. These are such good violins!