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Mid price violins

WP01 - Guarnerius copy

A Mirecourt Guarnerius copy.


WP02 - Sarasate Artiste violin

A Sarasate Artiste violin.


WP06 - Laberte-Humbert freres.

A rich sonorous Amati shape.


WP12 - Ch.J.B.Collin-Mezin violin

Fine quality violin by Ch.J.B.Collin-Mezin.


WP22 - A Laberte Barbé violin

A Marc Laberte Barbé violin.


WP27 - A Viotti violin

A Viotti violin.


WP31 - Mansuy a Paris

The label is inscribed: Mansuy a Paris A  Mansuy a Paris violin with the vestige of a label, these ins…


WP33 - A Marc Laberte violin

A Marc Laberte violin.


WP37 - Lucien Français violin.

Lucien Français violin.


WP38 - Louis Fricot violin, dated 1930

A Louis Fricot violin.


WP40 - H.Emile Blondelet

H.Emile Blondelet.