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Fine quality violins

WP05 - Gustave Villaume, dated 1938.

A violin with a beautiful sound.


WP17 - superb violin by Albert Caressa, dated 1921.

A beautiful Albert Caressa violin.


WP25 - Fine quality violin by Louis Courtier.

A lovely violin by Louis Courtier.


WP26 - by Charles Brugere, dated 1905.

A very fine violin.


WP27 - fine instrument by Joseph Aubry, circa 1928.

A violin with real character.


WP29 - A fine instrument by Caressa & Français

What a beautiful violin.


WP31 - A lovely violin from the Paul Jombar atelier.

A fine violin by Paul Jombar.


WP38 - A fine violin by Silvestre & Maucotel, dated 1911.

A fine violin by Silvestre & Maucotel.


WP45 - A fine violin from the atelier of Auguste Delivet.

Violin by Auguste Delivet.


WP53 - Violin by Lucien Schmitt, dated 1925.

A Fine violin by Lucien Schmitt.


WP54 - Violin by Alexandre Delanoy.

A fine French violin by Alexandre Delanoy.