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All of our violins and bows can be accessed from the category panel on the right hand side.

Violins are divided into three price groups, lower price, mid price and our finest instruments. The same applies to our bow selection.

We specialise in French instruments from the early 19th. century to the mid 20th. century.
You will also find lots of related information in the left hand resources panel including an in depth article about French bow makers and another covering the Mirecourt makers of France.

As a leading string instrument website for the sale of violins and bows, we try to cover many topics which might be of use or interest. For example, on our violin care page you can find out about maintenance of the violin, such as checking the angle of the bridge, adjusting tuning pegs and other useful care for your instrument.

You can read about violin makers on our featured luthier page and an in depth article covering all aspects of violin strings.

In our violin archive you can see photographs of some of the thousands of beautiful old instruments that we have handled.

Information about French bows

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