Below is a selection of comments received from our many satisfied clients who have purchased instruments during the last few years.
Please feel free to contact them for confirmation of our accurate descriptions, prompt shipment and good value.

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The violin was exactly as described and sounded better than I expected for such an inexpensive price. I am very satisfied and will most certainly do business with Brian again very soon. Brian is great !!
J E Drupiewski <>
Pueblo, Colorado, USA. 07 October 2002

The violin I purchased from Mr. Ward-Smith is in excellent condition and plays beautifully. The photographs of the instruments tend to show every flaw, but the instruments themselves look much better. I received the instrument in three business days. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase, considering it was over the internet and in different counry. I will not hesitate to make any future violin purchases with Mr. Ward-Smith.
Michele J. Moore <>
Tampa, Florida, United States of America. 10 September 2002

Purchased my very first violin through Brian and West Country Violin. I had LOTS of questions and I was SO pleased with the patient and helpful direction I received. Just started lessons, and my instructor and the local luthier are both very impressed with my instrument and it's price. A delightful experience - I'll be back.
Denise Varga <>
Princeton, NJ, US. 01 August 2002

This is the second violin I have owned and I was initally hesitant to purchase a violin over the internet until I found Brian's site. He has done a fantastic job. I could tell that he really cares and enjoys what he does. The sound clips and pictures provide a great way to compare violins and help you decide the right one for you. Brian was very quick and friendly answering any questions and my violin arrived in three days after I purchased it. It was carefully packaged and was exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend this site without hesitation to anyone of any skill level. Thank you Brian! George
George Abrams <>
Madison WI, USA. 22 June 2002

Dear Brian: Thank you for such prompt service and for making available a quality violin we would have never found otherwise. The sound clips are excellent and well done and the photos are accurate and show more flaws than we actually can see looking at the violin, the color representation is accurate also. We appreciate your willingness to answer questions and payment was easy and quick. Thank you very much for a great sounding violin, with minimal fuss. Good violins can definitely be purchased over the internet, when the salesman is such an experienced restorer.
Harvey Fritz <>
Moses, U.S.A.. 19 June 2002

West Country Violins is a great solution to all those seeking quality violins at an affordable price. Mr Brian Ward-Smith is friendly as is trustworthy and you can be assured that the violins displayed online, are what you will be receiving, if not better than described. After having made a recent purchase myself, I'm convinced that no other seller comes close to what Brian has to offer online. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Brian to those who are in need of a quality violin.
Martin <>
Singapore. 21 May 2002

I was very pleased with the violin purchased from West Country Violins as well as the quick receipt of the instrument- 3 days! The purchase price was very reasonable and the set-up was quite good! I highly reccomend this firm for quality, price and most of all integrity in representing the instrument. Tony Ellis
Tony Ellis <>
Circleville,Ohio 43113, USA. 15 May 2002

Brian, thanks for a very nice-sounding old fiddle at a most reasonable price. I had been looking for something inexpensive to take to sessions, playing out and the like, but was quite unwilling to compromise on tone quality. Your sound clips and descriptions were very helpful in evaluating the sound of this fiddle. Indeed it sounds fuller, smoother and more mellow than I had expected. The fiddle was nicely set up and ready to play, very much as described, together with a serviceable bow and case, and was delivered in 3 days. I couldn't have asked for better value and service. If I get over to the UK one of these years, I will make it a point to come visit your shop! Best regards.
Faton Bacaj <>
Washington, USA. 14 May 2002

I am very pleased with my wonderful German violin from West Country Violins. I had examined the pictures carefully and listened to many sound clips, which I find are a must for instrument sales over the Internet. The violin was exactly what I was looking for: powerful and bright tone, perfect for orchestral play. Brian is very helpful, patient and curteous. The violin was packed with extreme care and arrived in fine condition. Site merveilleux! Merci beaucoup Brian for providing me with such a fine instrument!
M. Deziel <>
Hull, Canada. 27 April 2002

Dear Brian, The Bernadel - Stainer violin arrived on 18-April-02 in safe and perfect condition. I changed the chinrest and found that there are 2 small old cut scars caused by metal screw bars of the chinrest but overall condition of the instrument and the tonal quality satisfy me a lot for the price I paid for. I hope a friend of mine who is a well known violinist may also like its quality vs price and consider to give you an order for himself. If so, he would probably ask me to contact you again because he does not know how to use computer. FYI, there is no way to avoid an import duty here because the Customs will charge on any item (even gift - both old and new) that costs over GB 84.00 pounds. If it is declared as gift, the Customs will certainly estimate the cost and charge an importer. In my case, they charged at a special rate since the instrument is used/old. Therefore, I paid about GB 57.00 pounds (of which is about 8.2% of the cost) which is OK to me. Again, thank you for your first class service. I am sure that when I want to step up the instrument, the first person I will think of is you.
Ruthsdis Bhoemkumlangmuang <>
Bangkok, Thailand. 20 April 2002

A very interesting and well designed site. It is a boon to us who live off the beaten track. Very good service and fair prices. You may buy with confidence here.
Ed. White <>
Gairloch, Wester Ross, Scotland. 26 February 2002

All I've ever heard about buying violins is: never buy a violin without playing it first. So everyone thought I was nuts buying from "some guy in England." They all had to swallow their words when they saw and heard my beautiful 1890 French violin. Brian is wonderful to deal with, my violin looks even better than the pictures (I think Brian works hard to show the flaws!), and the sound and playability are just amazing. I'd recommend West Country Violins to anyone!
Julie A. Porter <>
Littleton, CO, United States. 08 February 2002

I visited the UK in January and was able to visit Brian in person for a few hours to look at violins. I bought a lovely French violin, which my teacher tells me is much better value than most violins for sale in Australia. If or when I decide to upgrade, Brian will be my first port of call. Special thanks to Brian for being kind enough to pick me up from the station and drop me off again in time to catch my train back to Wales! I would heartily recommend Brian and West Country Violins to anyone considering purchasing in person or over the internet.
Donina <>
Melbourne, Australia. 01 February 2002

I have purchased two instruments from Brian, most recently a J.B.Colin 1896 Beauty. It is always a pleasure to work with Brian. He is honest, accomodating, and very personable. The Colin is a pleasure to play.
Judith Caughey <>
Brooklyn, USA. 29 January 2002

My son Laurence is delighted with the violin we bought from Brian. His tutor also thought it was a very good buy with a sweet tone and good balance. Everything Brian had said it was. Amazing how much more volume, power, solidity and resonance there is compared to his old one. It seems to hold on to the note far longer and is more stable on the higher notes (to a laymans ears!). The new bow is also an excellent recommendation. I spent some time on the phone and e-amil with Brian who was more than happy to change a few things for us (strings to the ones we had spares of already and a tailpiece with 4 fine adjusters. I have been really pleased with his service and would happily use him again later at the next upgrade. We did intend to travel to the nearest specialist a couple of hours drive away to see what they have and compare, but Loz was so pleased with this one, we didn't bother. Wholehearted recommendations.
Steve Garratt <>
Rushden, England. 13 January 2002

The A. Borelli violin I purchased from West Country Violins is an excellent value - it has a deep bass tone, and great brilliance that is tempered by a nice sweetness that comes with its age (at least 90 years old). The sound of this violin rivals my much more expensive violin, and I intend to play it in concert settings in alternation with my other violin. Thanks to Mr. Brian Ward Smith for his excellent ear and ability to find these instruments!
Leland Lee <>
Honolulu, Hawaii. 14 December 2001

I began my search for a violin for a special project, (I do not even know how to play yet), and logged onto West Country Violins. There were numerous sites for violins, but for some reason I was drawn to this site. I can only say that Brian Ward-Smith has been an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. Brian worked with me over a three to four week period and today, November 26, 2001, I received my Circa 1900, Germany violin, and could not be happier. Everything that everyone from other client feedbacks have said is MORE than true. True professionalism and courteousness. Brian, I cannot say enough good about you and your service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend you without reservation to anyone. God Bless!
Renee' Killian-Zeiger <>
Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A.. 26 November 2001

Excellent customer service. the sound files were fantastic in helping me choose (excellent differeitaing factor in your marketing over the internet...keep it up). violin was a great bargain! I will buy again from Brian for sure!. thanks
john campbell <>
Chicago, Illinois, USA. 25 November 2001

It was a pleasure to do business with Brian. He was helpful, honest, and responsive. The bow he recommended for my son was excellent. It immediately made a big difference in his playing. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian to anyone. You can trust him, even it is an international transation -- I had a great experience. Jack Leu San Diego U.S.A.
Jack Leu <>
San Diego, U.S.A.. 25 November 2001

Brian is a gentleman of old-time courtesy and probity with a shrewd eye for quality and ample sympathy for the small man. His "business" ought properly to be regarded as a registered charity for the benefit of the discerning violin lover of limited means. Once you have sampled his amazing and ever varied treasure-house of instruments, you will soon lose interest in the big-time dealers and auction houses and, as likely as not, still have money in hand for yet another tremendous bargain.
George Moles. <>
London., England.. 25 October 2001

Web page is great because the photos and sound clip are as close as I can get to being there. Service was excellent, and the instrument arrived very quickly.
Dave Nealon <>
Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. 25 October 2001

Hi everyone. I bought a violin from Brian recently. Why? Because there were three reasons. One.The violins he has are not expensive. Two.Due to the ageing,they have a good sonority and plenty of volume Three.I could trust Brian 'cause he answered to my question immidiately and my violin was exactly what he said.
Fukuoka , Japan. 12 October 2001

I am thrilled with the violin I ordered from West Country Violins. Brian has recorded soundclips of many of the violins. I based my choice primarily on the tone. It so happened that this was one of the least expensive! My violin came in just three days from England and it was just as he described it. He said in the ad that he found it easy to play. I am amazed, because with this Saxony violin I am playing passages from Bach concertos that I could not play before - using the same bow! I have received prompt answers to all my questions. I am now ordering a bow from him, and next year I plan to order another violin. He will allow trade-ins if you are trading up to a more expensive instrument, but I don't think I will be able to give this one up. I'll just add to my collection! Please feel free to E-mail me, Laura Rice
Laura Rice <>
Bellaire, Texas, USA. 17 August 2001

Brian is wonderful to buy from. His knowledge and honesty shine through in his business. I was a little hesitant about buying a violin over the internet but those fears were soon put to rest. Brian answered all questions promptly and honestly. My daughter was very pleased with the violin and bow when it arrived. The violin was well packed and in great shape when we got it. I will definitely recommend this site to other violinists. Thank-you Brian.
Donna Sallee <>
Fort Worth, Texas, USA. 21 July 2001

I have found West Country Violins to be an absolute pleasure to do business with. Brian offers a selection of beautiful and fine instruments at great prices. The service is impeccable. The delivery is extremely rapid and convenient. As a professional violinist, I recommend WCV to anyone on the market for a good instrument. Dimitri Hadjipetkov Professor of Violin, New York University
Dimitri Hadjipetkov <>
New York, USA. 28 June 2001

As a professional violinist, my time is limited. West Country Violins site is accurate, has lovely photos of the instruments from all angles desired, and the pricing reflects an honesty sadly lacking in much of the rest of the industry. Purchase is through a highly secure access, and I can only say it has been a pleasure doing business with them.
Clete Davis
Chicago, Illinois, USA 60126. 26 June 2001

I bought two violins from Mr. Brian for my sons several months ago. My sons were very happy to get them. One month ago, one Reverend also hoped to buy a 3/4 size of violin for his son and I needed one more bow. So I informed Mr. Brian the price I hoped, he accepted that and he tried to find out them with the prices. Last week, he sent the violin and bow to us after traveling some areas in UK to find out the violin. The Rev. and I were satisfied to receive them. I thank Mr. Brian for his kindness and sincere.
BAEK, Hun <>
Seoul, Republic of Korea. 14 May 2001

The violin and bows we purchased arrived yesterday at 16:30 hours, Thursday in the afternoon. It was so unexpected because I know that you dispatched all for shipping on Tuesday afternoon!! Extremely efficently, may I add, since I had just corresponded via e-mail with Brian that very morning to confirm our choice of bows. We had calculated that it would likely arrive this coming Monday or Tuesday. And here it is, from England to Hong Kong, in less than 48 hours!!! We are thrilled because it was perfectly packed and my son is playing as I write. We are enjoying the violin and the bows very much. It is a beautiful violin in great condition with a lovely sound. And of course our bows are splendid. Thank you for taking the time to play our selected bows in order to give us an honest and expert recommendation. My younger son is now very motivated in practising so he too can move up to a better violin. We will most certainly return to you for any purchases. Our 'doubting Thomas' violin teacher is coming next Tuesday to try our violin, but I have no doubt that he will be most impressed with the quality of our choice!! I will keep you updated. Thank you, Brian, for taking the time and making that special effort to ensure our total satisfaction. We were fortunate to find a great violin at the the best price and this was backed by consultative expertise(super service) from an honest, professional and expert violin dealer . You can be sure that Brian Ward-Smith and '' will be receiving the best advertisement from us: the word-of-mouth of happy clients!! We commend you, Brian, for superb efficiency, professionalism, expertise and customer service!! Sincerely, G. L. Lam
G. Lea Lam <>
Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 05 May 2001

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